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Golf Fundraiser Revenue Maximization

Have you ever wondered how some charity golf events bring in the same crowd year in and year out, barely eking out of the red while participants traipse around the greens, while others grow bigger, more prominent, and more profitable?

Some people may kick the turf and say that those high growth events are just lucky or have events that are just naturally more popular. These are the same people who probably haven’t taken a professional golf lesson in years and mutter how their increasingly embarrassing scores would reverse if the club just cut down a few trees. The problem with complaining is that it short circuits your learning – you think you’ve got the answer and stop looking for the real causes and opportunities that will make a difference.

For more than 21 years, Links Worldwide led by Bill Gardner has been the “secret weapon” to golf fundraisers within 50 miles of New Castle County, Delaware – prestigious events such as the Beau Biden Memorial Invitational and D'Amico Invitational to emerging charity golf events whose leadership wants them to shorten the learning (and earning!) curve.

Links Worldwide has a diagnostic toolkit and set of implementation plans for enrolling more participants, doubling the revenue per player, boosting profits, enhancing the prestige of an event, garnering greater media attention, providing professional signs and banners – and that’s just the foundational level.

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